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Note to Self

I want to write a short note as the editor of this site. I have now finished Seth Godin’s book, This Is Marketing, and then I read the extra material, I saw that I wrote “neophytes,” instead “neophiliacs.”

As a (rational) egoist, I have some issues with the way Seth Godin is talking about selfishness in the book. I will come back to this topic in future blog posts and podcast episodes. In the meantime, I want you to check out Facets of Ayn Rand by Mary Ann Sures and Charles Sures. In this book you will learn about the story about the copper pot

Talking about facets (of an individual and a diamond), have you had Kooh-I-Noor Ceylon black tea?


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Do you celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day? Kooh-I-Noor 💎 black Ceylon ☕️ tea from 🇱🇰 Sri Lanka. Blogger tea mug.

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