Kirkwood Tea Cartoon

I wonder if you could relate to the boy in John Cox’s cartoon strip on tea? It is my favorite Kirkwood cartoon. I am very happy that I got the opportunity to acquire the original artwork.

I want to be your guide in the Camellia sinensis “jungle,” and help you explore the different tea varieties out there. From my favorite black tea from Assam (Namdang) in India, to Linus Hammarstrand’s journey in Tibet, “enjoying” yak-butter tea. I am glad that YoWangdu (Tibetan Culture) reached out to us in 2012, with a recipe:

I have to test it, sooner or later… 😉

Kirkwood cartoon by John Cox. East Frisian black tea blend, with a splash of milk. Blogger tea mug.

Ett inlägg delat av Martin Lindeskog (@lyceum)

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