Editor’s Note

I use the title, editor, now and then, as a whimsical way of describing the many hats (or baseball caps) I am wearing as a solopreneur. I have used the “title” during my 15+ years as blogger, when I wanted to update a post, or make a statement from a third person view, sort of… 😉

As my webmaker, Cay Lundén of ComArt, is saying: “A site is never done, you could always update it in some way.” Please, follow along on my self-publishing journey and the exploration of the world of Camellia sinensis!

Here is a sitemap tour:

  • Homepage: I will update the page with a Theo illustration.
  • About page: I will update the page with a photo of yours truly, sooner or later…
  • Blog: I started out to publish 3 posts during November. I will publish 5+ posts before the end of this month. Starting in January, 2018, I will publish at least a couple of posts every week. I have to start to pick a designated photo for each post. I will get help to figure out the different categories I want to use. I will probably start out with few, e.g., “tea”, “book”, “sketches”. I want to have some kind of social sharing feature. Which social media channels / platforms, do you want use, in order to spread the good word?
  • Contact page: I will ask my webmaker to add a contact form. How do you want to stay in touch with undersigned?
  • Tea Book page: This page is linked to the crowdfunding page for my first forthcoming book on (black) tea. I will list backers who have backed the campaign with at least $100.
  • Tea Tools page: This should be a place for adding tea resources, e.g., tea events, tea blogs, tea places, tea products, etc. What do you want to see on this page?
  • Theo Tea Room page: This virtual tea lounge will become a friendly location for tea enthusiasts. I am thinking it will evolve into a member site / VIP forum for backers, readers, and supporters of Tea Book Sketches. What would you want to find here?
  • Call to Action stuff: I am in the process of creating a short & sweet guide on how to brew the perfect cup of (black) tea. I hope this free tea guide will lead to potential readers of this site, buyers of my first forthcoming book on (black) tea, and customers for upcoming tea products and services…
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