Finishing the First Book on Tea

I have been struggling with my first book on tea for several years, as you could read in a post from 2013, on the old blog, But the different hardships during these years will not stop me. I am even calling myself a writer nowadays! đŸ˜‰ As I am getting closer to finish the “d*mn” book, I have gone from an aspiring author to an writer on an “octalogy” of eight books on tea, thanks to Martin McConnell‘s book, Finish the Damn Book!: An Inspirational Guide to Writing. Maybe Martin’s harsh language kicked my post(erior)…

I want to thank another fellow writer for giving me inspiration and fuel for my soul. Her writing has kept me going, as she has shown me the opportunities with becoming an author with a long-range view.

Please check out Joanna Penn’s great site filled with resources “to help you write, market and publish your book.” I have found plenty of inspiration for my own site, by reading her copy.

I want to add to to my thank-you note by giving a shout out to the following individuals [Editor’s note: J., M., T., V.: You should know why you are added to the list…]:

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