Thank-You Note

I want to send out a virtual thank-you note to some individuals who have an important role in the process of cultivating my first forthcoming book on (black) tea. As I am in the middle of compiling text material and illustrations of the book, it is a bit of a challenge to remember everyone that have been coming with input along my journey, so you have to “forgive” me if I have not added your name to the list at this moment. I will be able to update the post, if you reach out to me. It could also be that I write a short new post and do a shout out on social media…

And now, without further ado, here is a list of contributors to Tea Book Sketches:

From the crowdfunding campaign page:

  • Jerry Nilson, backer
  • Pia Johansson, backer
  • Ola Qvarnström, backer
  • Ivana Taylor, backer
  • Erik Emanuelli, backer
  • Christer Sjöback, backer
  • Miranda Marquit, backer
  • David Österhed, backer
  • Bryan Armentrout, backer
  • Anonymous (D.S.), backer
  • Takis Athanassiou, backer
  • Gary Shouldis, backer
  • Ulf Andersson, backer
  • Nita Silverspjuth, backer
  • Mark Stafford, backer
  • Tom Langley, backer
  • Mimoza Cena-Sokoli, backer
  • Terese Karjalainen, backer
  • Niklas Larsson, backer
  • Roy P., backer at an event
  • Helen K., backer at an event
  • Saana S., backer at an event
  • Lars Holmquist, backer at a meeting
  • Martin Dagger, backer at a meeting
  • Members of Gothenburg – Angered Rotary Club, backers after a speaking engagement
  • Arja Lindgren, backer at a meeting
  • Magnus J., backer at a meeting
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