First Proof and Good Copy

I have now received the first proof from my book editor, Charlotte Stengafvel, Creative Support. She has integrated my text material together with John Cox’s illustrations in a neat way. You will find a professional looking photo of yours truly, on the back of the book cover. Carl-Henrik Trapp of Elite Studio managed to make me smile… 😉

I would like to get professional help with the proof reading, but as a “poor” radical capitalist, I have to do most of the steps in the self-publishing journey by myself. I will talk with Amy Peikoff regarding future tea related writing material. She recently launched her site, I know from her Patreon page that her “basic fuel” is coffee, so I had to ask her the following question (on Facebook):

Good looking copy with flower and all! I will be in touch regarding your services! Do you serve tea drinkers?

She answered:

Thanks! I’ll make an exception!

I will talk about the “bigger picture” with my writings on tea in upcoming posts, and how it relates to my life as an American in Spirit and a “copper potObjectivist. You will get a hint as your read the dedication in the beginning of the book…


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