Tea Taster and Tuesday Tech

As an amateur tea taster, I am developing my black tea blend, T53, together with the tea experts and owners of the tea and coffee shop, Indiska Thé & Kaffe Magasinet. One part of the blend is tea from Sri Lanka. In the past, I used Ceylon Pekoe tea. Later on, due to lack of supply, I had to use a different type of leaf grade. This time I used a broken leaf grade. I will test another whole leaf grade in the near future.

I have been at several coffee and tea tastings during the years, and I got an aha moment at a recent coffee cupping event at da Matteo. The coffee guys told the story of the espresso machine, and how some manufacturers have figured out a new way of keeping the water at the right temperature, all the time.

Maybe I should get the R2-Tea2 automatc tea maker for the next issue of Tuesday Tech? Could this be “the most ridiculous tea making machine in the world“? 😉

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