Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Do you have a favorite place for having afternoon tea? I have participated in several afternoon tea events arranged by Lorie and Anneli. During these gatherings, you mingle, take a walk, learn English, and enjoy tea together with a light meal of sandwiches, scones, cakes, pastries, etc. Check out this video on Afternoon Tea presented by Lorie:

Afternoon Tea presented by Lorie Vifot from Lorie Vifot on Vimeo.

An illustration inspired of a (“mad”? hatter) tea party will be included in my first book on tea. The illustration is accompanied with a text on my tea mission… Maybe I should get the Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party Kit, before I get up on the soapbox, and spread the good word about a Tea Party with a twist? 😉

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