Tea gardens in Nilgiri, India

The Tea Amateur is Becoming an Author(ity)…

I have been tinkering and playing around with the idea of becoming an tea expert someday in the future, but I don’t have any immediate plans of writing the ultimate tea “bible”, or take tea certification courses. With that said, I think my forthcoming tea book series (“octalogy“) and the conversations in the upcoming forum, Theo Tea Room, will add positive tea moments to the fans of Camellia sinensis.

It is a bit funny that the tea expert (Lalith Lenadora, Tea Master, The East India Company) in Adam Boult’s article (“How to become a tea expert in 6 simple steps“), has created this breakfast tea (“Find your tea”):

It’s a strong tea, a blend of Ceylon, which gives a floral note; Assam, which gives you a malty taste and adds body to the cup; Kenyan, which adds reddishness in the cup; and a splash of milk to enhance the taste.

It sounds similar to my own black tea blend, T53! 😉

I am a lover of (read: amateur) tea and I got an aha-moment when I watched Chris Brogan’s & Jacqueline Carly‘s conversation with tea authority, James Norwood Pratt & Valerie Turner.

I wrote a short review of Nilgiri black tea in 2010, and now it is time to continue the tea journey, becoming a tea author(ity)… 😉 I will continue to build, explain, brand, and market the launch of my tea hobby business. Could it be that my brand personality type is the Everyman, as the prime example, PG Tips? 😉

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