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Theo Tea Room is Opening its Doors on Mars

The blog post title is a wordplay on the agricultural guardian and the god of war, Mars. It is also the name of the third month (March), in Swedish (mars). My plan is to launch Theo Tea Room during next month.

The owner of Socrates Theme, Dan Nickerson, sent me an email on February 2. Here is an excerpt from his email:

If you’re a content creator who has been thinking about writing a book you will definitely be interested in the Best Seller’s book summit this weekend.

My friend’s Ron and Alice know their stuff in regard to writing, publishing and especially membership sites.  They are the real deal and really know how to run their business.

Since I recently published my first book, I’ll be attending and wanted to share with my Socrates customers.  (a LOT of you are writers)

I purchased a ticket to Best Sellers Summit and listened to several interesting webinars. After I had listened to Connie Ragen Green’s talk on how to create a membership site in a simple way, I decided to purchase her course, Really Simple Membership Sites. The course consists of five modules, plus extra material (bonuses, downloads, etc.).

I will go through the check list and the plan for my membership site during this month, and launch Theo Tea Room in mid-March. I have looked a tea communities like Steepster and TeaChat for inspiration and business intelligence! 😉

Do you have tips on memberships plugins for WordPress? I have read Colin Newcomer‘s post, 9 Powerful WordPress Membership Plugins: Build A Thriving Online Community. I will look into these plugins, plus Connie’s recommendation, WishList Member.

I wonder if “they” drink tea on Mars?

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