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On Track with the Kung Fu Tea Ceremony

Have you participated in a Gongfu tea ceremony? I visited Taiwan (Republic of China) in 1992 and paid a visit to JT & Tea, Inc. (ABC Tea brand). I was introduced to this company by Otto Wigardt. He had written several books on tea, and he had a “literary collection about tea and the history of tea.

I got a positive “flashback,” when I recently watched an episode of the TV game show, On Track (“På Spåret” in Swedish, 25 min. mark). The game host asked a question about a “tea ceremony with a name that could be associated with a violent activity”… I got perplexed by the question and couldn’t come up with the answer. 😉 I should have figured out the answer (Kung Fu), as I have trained jiujitsu back in the day.

It is time to reach out to different tea masters, after the Chinese New Year vacation.

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