Long Island iced tea

How to Serve Long Island Iced Tea with a Marketing Twist

Got Tea Party? In the cold winter season, it is tempting to look forward to summer parties during the national iced tea month (June)… Do you drink Long Island Iced Tea on national iced tea day (June 10)? I wonder if you could buy a Long Island iced tea product with crypto currency (backed by a “long” blockchain technology solution) from the company formely known as Long Island Iced Tea Beverages Corp. Do you think Shamyl Malik will have a Long Island tea beverage on June 10, celebrating the iced tea spinoff? Maybe this business transaction will give the “twisted beer guys from Boston,” an opportunity to get additional shares of the “hard” tea market?

Please, feel free to share your recipe for a perfect Long Island iced tea drink, in the comment section below! Did you have the chance to enjoy “raw tea” at a twisted tea partay, back in the day? 😉


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