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Could a Popup Lead to an Upgrade of the Content Creation?

Instead of dabbling around with opt-in forms for my upcoming newsletter (powered by MailerLite), I should concentrate on editing the text material and “finish the damn book“… 😉 At the same time, I know that I have to take some time to learn the different features of this tool, so I can deliver a lead magnet (“the perfect cuppa” tea guide), and content upgrades in the future.

I learned from Sue Anne Dunlevie’s site, Success Blogging, that a feature opt-in box has a higher conversion grade than an opt-in form in the sidebar. I had a great call with Sue the other day, and we talked about my future plans.

I am still a bit “allergic” to popups, but maybe I should give it try. What do you think?

I want to grow my email list, so I will participate in Fizzle‘s 7-day challenge.

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