Time for a Breakthrough Novelty

Instead of winning a breakthrough novel award, or jumping on (and off) the list with an one-hit wonder, I will publish eight (8) books on tea, over the years to come. I am already planning for the next book on specialty black teas and black tea blends. These books will become novelties and gifts for tea drinkers (and it may peradventure be  for the cool kid, dabbling with coffee beans)!

Here is an excerpt from my post, Just in Time for a Break, on EGO NetCast:

With that said, and to show that I have a Message, I am planning a new podcast together with an individual, working in an industry that could be interesting for my fellow podcasters and other content creators. I will never stop learning, so I will also start another podcast on tea.

Talking about learning, I am eager to learn more about tea, but I am not sure that I will become a tea sommelier, or tea master in the near future… I am planning to take some more courses, e.g., by Being Tea, and participate in tea tastings. I will become a member of the American Specialty Tea Alliance.

My goal is to visit different tea plantations in North America, and other places around the world. I will visit Sweden’s second tea plantation (Greta’s tea) in the making later on this moth, and I want to visit Camellia Sinensis Gotland in the near future.

Do you listen to podcasts? What would you like to hear on my future podcast on tea? How do you learn about your hobbies, interests, and passions, at the moment?

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