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The Symbolic Price is Right on the Money

Have you watched the television game show, The Price Is Right? I have set the price in a symbolic way, as  a play on words (read: numbers), and a commemoration on what happened in 1773 (December 16). I am glad to read that at least one backer and reader, understands the true value of my work! 😉

I think you could put the price of this book at $25-$30, especially if it came with a sample of your tea! (what a good idea – I don’t know how hard that would be to do, but I would love that!)

Also, Martin, Yes, You should speak up for yourself! You do know stuff about tea!

Tom, January 31, 2018

Here is an excerpt from my post, How to Set a Target Price for a Novelty Book (January 29, 2018):

I wanted to give a price indication in a symbolic way for my crowdfunding campaign. That is why I set the donation of $17 as a minimum for getting the forthcoming book. (I wanted to set the price at $17.73, as a play with the year 1773 and Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773, but GoGetFunding didn’t use cents.) Terms of delivery is “Ex Works” Gothenburg (my hometown), Sweden. The challenge is that the book will be printed on demand by CreateSpace (an Amazon company) in the United States of America. That is why I have added $25 for shipping and handling, as one of the levels on the crowdfunding page.

What do you think the list price should be, for my book? It will be a book with 24 pages with 13 big illustrations by John Cox and text material by undersigned. How do you value a product that is not really solving a real “world problem,” or cure one of your “pain points” in life? How should I target a potential reader, with a funny novelty book? What is your time worth?

I make a pretty good (gross) profit on the book, printed-on-demand via Amazon (CreateSpace). As a former purchaser, I like the idea that I don’t have to bind capital with a huge stock of books at hand. But I came to the conclusion that I had to print a small batch of the book, at a local printing shop in Gothenburg, if I wanted to add extra potential value to the customer experience,  with a personal delivery option and including extra stuff (e.g., tea samples), in the package. I must say that the local printed edition (in English), is of a higher printing quality than the POD (print on demand) service, I picked. I thought the proof copy was good enough, but the local printed edition has an excellent quality. I have got some takeaways from this process for future books, but I think I will continue to use CreateSpace, as it has a great distribution network via Amazon.

Have you used BookBaby, Blurb, IngramSpark, Lulu Publishing, or The Book Patch? I will go through Martin McConnell’s page, Resources for Writers, and I look forward to learn more about his new venture, Gecko Print Publishing, that “seeks to revolutionize the industry.”

I will ping John Nixon with a reply to the below tweet by Marty McConnell, and pull his leg a bit regarding coffee and his “dream of self-publication“… 😉

If I am able to cover bullet point #5 of Tim Grahl’s post, 5 parts of your business, in the near future, I can start on book number 2 of Tea Book Sketches! 🙂

As an author, you must have a repeatable process that:

  1. Creates and delivers books …

  2. That readers want to read …

  3. At a price readers are willing to pay …

  4. That’s entertaining or helpful, well-formatted, available at their favorite retailer, free of typos and grammatical errors …

  5. That brings in enough royalties that you can keep writing your next book.

So here is the deal, if you want to get a copy of the special edition (100 copies):

  1. Send SEK 175 via SWISH number +46 73 510 79 50 (my mobile number) for personal face-to-face delivery in Gothenburg city.
  2. Send SEK 250, if you want to have a copy of my book with my signature, and a hand picked tea sample together with a fun bonus perk, related to the book.
  3. Send SEK 500, if you want to have the above listed stuff, at a Tea for Two gathering, there you could ask me questions related to tea and my self-publishing journey. We will meet at a café in Gothenburg city, having a nice conversation, drinking a cup of (black) tea.

For book deliveries in Sweden, please add SEK 50 for shipping and handling. If you are located outside Sweden, please send USD $28 in total, for a copy of the book, and USD $36 for option #2, via PayPal.

Place Your order now! If the price is right, for You. 😉

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    Hi Martin,
    Ping received!
    A very interesting marketing strategy and a very attractive book from the photos. I want a copy!
    I suppose this means I’m going to have to get SWISH though…

    1. Reply


      Thank you very much for your comment!

      You could pay for the book via PayPal.

      Talk soon again! 🙂


      All the Best,


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