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When the Chips are Down

How do you feel when the chips are down? I am listening to the song, Under Pressure, trying to see the opportunities and finding solutions regarding my situation. I am glad that I have sold / bartered / distributed about two-thirds of the first (local) printing of my first book on tea. Circa 30 copies are reserved for backers of the crowdfunding campaign, and deposit copies to the copyright libraries in Sweden. Although I had a calculated a pretty decent (symbolic) price (profit), I have ended up in a tough economical situation, due to the fact that some readers have not paid yet, plenty of bartering and special deals with customers and fellow authors, and increased costs related to the self-publishing process. (I have sold a few copies via Amazon so far…)

Even in this moment, I see a bright future. I have a positive message to spread. Tea For The Win! 😉 I got inspired to update my different web (CafePress, Spreadshirt, Zazzle, EGO NetCast, Redbubble) shops with products with images from my first book on tea, after reading Henneke Duistermaat’s post, Blog Images: How to Captivate Readers with Simple Drawings, and checking out the photo gallery with Enchanting Mugs for Writers and Friends.

Please send me your selfie (photo), reading the Tea Book Sketches book, or displaying products from one of my web shops. I will publish the photo on Facebook, Instagram, and later on create a gallery on this site. I will send you a personalized tea sample, if you give me your snail mail address.

About two years ago, I supported the crowdfunding campaign for the podcast documentary, The Messengers, and I purchased a t-shirt.


Visa det hÀr inlÀgget pÄ Instagram


The Messengers t-shirt. I will soon record a new episode of EGO NetCast, doing a shout out to fellow podcasters and future guests.

Ett inlÀgg delat av Martin Lindeskog (@lyceum)

The purchase order was handled by a site called, TeeChip.com. I have now created the following campaign on TeeChip:

The Perfect Cuppa illustration by John Cox, and my instructions on how to brew (steep) a jolly good cup of tea, will develop into an anchor piece, in a form of a tea manifesto.
I will keep working on my mission to “connect tea enthusiasts,” and the goal is to continue with regular meetups on the topic, “Everything about tea,” and in the long run to create a virtual tea lounge, Theo Tea Room.
If you want to support my blogging, podcasting, and other types of content creation, please purchase coasters and magnets. The surplus will go the foundation of my personalized tea brand, GOT Tea Party, new illustrations by John Cox for the next book on tea, and the implementation of the discussion forum and messaging app for the future tea online community, and fuel for my soul.
All the Best,
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