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Tea Light(house) for Neophytes

May I (and Theo) be your lighthouse to the fascinating world of tea? (Talking about lights, do you use tea-lights for warming your teapot?) I am listening to Seth Godin’s latest book, This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See. (If you want to support my blogging, writing, and other types of content creation, you could click the referral link to Amazon. If you want the audio version of the book, you could get it for free by using my referral link to Audible.)

Seth Godin is using the word, neophyte, throughout the book. I call myself a tea amateur (“lover of things”), but I am also a tea enthusiast, and maybe I will be recognized as a tea professional someday in the future… 😉 Dan Swords is calling me a tea aficionado. 🙂

I want to continue to be a tea guide, sharing interesting pairings with food and tea, how to use (or “wear“) a tea cosy (cozy), etc. 😉

I hope you will “let optimism be your guiding light” in the “jungle” of Camellia sinensis trees. I want to point you to the beacon of light, with the following excerpt from  the Dalén Museum site:

Gustaf Dalén was a great optimist who took numerous misfortunes in his stride. He didn’t just lose his sight but suffered financial losses as well. During the early 1920s he and the AGA company experienced severe economic difficulties and Dalén lost his fortune. But he managed to get back on his feet. In the 1930s AGA suffered another financial crisis, after the Kreuger crash when many Swedes became gripped with panic.
Dalén went and ordered a number of pins with the text “VAR OPTIMIST” – BE AN OPTIMIST. As soon as he met someone who was complaining he took out a pin and fastened it to that person’s lapel. He himself also wore a pin in full view of everyone. Exact copies of the original, the so called Optimist Pin, are available to buy in the museum.

I am working on a project with the domain name, TeaVersus.Coffee. It will be linked to the Facebook page for Tea Book Sketches.

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