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Virtual Tea Room Powered by Palapa

I am ready to (slowly) open the doors to the (jolly good) online community, Theo Tea Room. The forum ( is powered by Palapa. Listen to episode 327 (Introducing – 10 Lessons From 10+ Years Running Online Communities) of the Fizzle Show. I have added 11 topics so far:

  • General
  • Theo Tea Room
  • Introductions
  • Feedback & Bugs
  • Announcements
  • Good Reads
  • Random & Fun
  • Tea Versus Coffee
  • The Perfect Cuppa
  • The Perfect Cuppa: Tea Sketches Podcast
  • Tea Book Sketches

In order to maintain this place for conversations on tea, I need to implement some kind of membership fee, or receive donations. It will cost me around fifty bucks per month, for 100 active users. How much would you like to pay / donate per month, for the access to a friendly place, discussing the second most popular beverage in the world? If tea is a value (interest, hobby, passion) to you, how would you like to support this initiative?

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