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Gathering Tea Enthusiasts

One of the 3 words for 2019, is gather. In order to gather tea enthusiasts on a regular basis, I am organizing Gothenburg Tea FTW Meetup – GOT Tea Party events, every two weeks. Today we will be tasting Teaneer Whole Leaf Green Tea, direct traded from Vijayalakshmi Natural Farms Private Limited, in the Nilgiris, India.

At these gatherings we are talking everything about tea:

Are you interested in tea? Drop-in from 6 PM CET. Ask your questions on Camellia sinensis and share your tea moments with other tea party members. We will talk about different tea varieties, tea culture and ceremonies around the world. Do you have a favorite tea blend? We will also discuss the benefits (e.g., energy, focus, health, mood) of drinking tea. Admission: SEK 100, includes a cup of tea.

I will gather tea drinkers, globally, with my new podcast, The Perfect Cuppa: Tea Sketches. I will reach out to Ken Cohen, host of Talking Tea podcast, and see if he wants to be a guest on my show.

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