Camellia sinensis

Marshall Point Lighthouse at sunset

Tea Light(house) for Neophytes

May I (and Theo) be your lighthouse¬†to the fascinating world of tea? (Talking about lights, do you use tea-lights for warming your teapot?) I am listening to Seth Godin’s latest book,¬†This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See. (If you want to support my blogging, writing, and other types of content […]

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Tea gardens in Nilgiri, India

The Tea Amateur is Becoming an Author(ity)…

I have been tinkering and playing around with the idea of becoming an tea expert someday in the future, but I don’t have any immediate plans of writing the ultimate tea “bible”, or take tea certification courses. With that said, I think my forthcoming tea book series (“octalogy“) and the conversations in the upcoming forum, […]

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Editor’s Note

I use the title, editor, now and then, as a whimsical way of describing the many hats (or baseball caps) I am wearing as a solopreneur. I have used the “title” during my 15+ years as blogger, when I wanted to update a post, or make a statement from a third person view, sort of… […]

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