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How To Speak to a Gothenburgian, a Gotlander, and a Globetrotter

How do I communicate with tea amateurs (“lovers of things“) drinkers, enthusiasts, and experts? I have been contemplating on this issue for a bit, and it triggered me to start a new podcast, The Perfect Cuppa – Tea Sketches, and to do a shout-out to fellow authors, podcasters, and tea drinkers: This solo episode is […]

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Sikkim Black Tea First Out on Open Thread Monday

I am celebrating my new career path as an author, by reflecting on how I can create educational, entertaining, and engaging content on a regular basis. I have a goal to publish three (3) posts per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Weekend) on. I start out the week with an open thread question: What’s in Your […]

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Teapot Cosy

How about starting out the week with sharing a cosy picture of a teapot cozy? #TeaFTW teapot cosy. #teaftwbook Ett inlägg delat av Martin Lindeskog (@lyceum) Jul 15, 2015 kl. 9:48 PDT

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Is the Creation of this Blog a Storm in a Teacup?

Do you think that this blog could start a tempest in a teapot? 😉

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