Thank You for Buying the First Tea Book

Thank you very much for purchasing my first book on (black) tea! Enjoy your read, and please spread the good word!


Please, feel free to contact me if you find some errors in the book, or if you want to send me suggestions on additional material that could be accompanying the book.

Here is a list with links and notes, page by page:

Notes by John Cox:

I see him as rather burly. Similar proportions as my Uncle Sam character.

His character seems friendly, outgoing, gentle sense of humor, well-informed. (Crossing Santa Claus + Scholar + Athlete + Outdoorsman). You can think of some actors and their movies if that will help get across the personality.

Link to John Cox’s Kirkwood cartoon on tea, via my post, Kirkwood Tea Cartoon.

  • Page 12 (page 10):

Link to video, Tea Making Tips by the Empire Tea Bureau (1941).

  • Page 19 (page 17):

Link to news article (The Sydney Morning Herald, July 1, 1941), R.A.F. Pilots Deliver Tea to Dutch.

Link to blog post, The Year Britain Bought Up All the Tea in the World, by Peter KW Keen.

  • Page 21 (page 19):

Link to with a list of the top 10 tea producing nations.

Link to with a list of the 15 top tea exporters and tea growing countries in the world.

  • Page 23 (page 21):

Link to the episode, Teakettle Acoustics (September 13, 2016), of the podcast, Pulse of the Planet.

Link to the post, A British analysis of the physics of a tea kettle whistle, on Improbable Research blog (October 24, 2013).

I will set up an author page on Amazon, as soon as I have published the book through CreateSpace. [Update September 3, 2018:]

Please (re-)read the following book blurbs:

A personal book that sparks interest in tea in a fun and corny way. Makes a big topic like tea lightweight and easy accessible. – Johan Gustaphzon, tea drinker and podcaster

Need a break? Stressed out? The whimsical Theo the Lion can help you! He is the perfect companion for Martin’s first (of many) tea books. Take the time to pause, relax and enjoy a cuppa with Martin and Theo! – Tom Langley, holistic health coach
I’ve only recently begun fully appreciating tea. However, it’s been a great journey. Supporting this project allowed me to learn more about tea, enjoy it on a whole new level, and support someone really cool. This book is a beautiful and interesting look at a beverage that has great cultural and historical roots. It’s pleasure to enjoy — over a cup of your favorite tea. – Miranda Marquit, freelance financial journalist
Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or just dabbling, you’ll have a blast going through this entertaining and educational book.  I especially like the light-hearted tone, educational content and the online interactive component.  It’s a great way to become part of a conversation, a community and learn interesting things about tea! – Ivana Taylor, small business influencer


Now then you have read the above reviews of my first book on black tea, I would appreciate it very much, if you take some time and write a review on Amazon. Thanks in advance for your testimonials!

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